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Staff | StaffAnalyzer


Build Your Staffing Plan Online

Maximize your staffing efficiency and budget appropriately for staff where needed.
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Find significant savings
  • Follow consistent timelines
  • Set consistent class sizes
  • and more...

Schedule | ScheduleBuilder


Build Your Student Schedules Online

Develop effective master schedules that are more responsive and inclusive in significantly less time.
  • Give more students their first choices
  • Save time building schedules
  • Follow research-based protocols
  • Focus more on students not schedules
  • Meet special programs’ requirements and more...
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Success Stories

Master Schedule in 10 hours

On her first time to use Cardonex ScheduleBuilder, a counselor for a 420-student middle school built her master schedule in about 10 hours total instead of the typical 4 weeks.

Maximized Savings

For less than the cost of a single FTE, a South Texas school district can save almost $2 million in staffing inefficiencies by using Cardonex.

Improved Efficiency

With the savings from using Cardonex, an East Texas superintendent implemented professional learning communities in her district, allowing all core teachers to have an additional planning period, and still found an additional $400,000 in staffing inefficiencies!

Time Savings

With Cardonex, a 6A high school administrator reduced the time she took to build a master schedule from over 6 weeks to about 7 working days.

Over $6 Million in Savings

A large West Texas school district found over $6 million in staffing inefficiencies over the last 2 years using Cardonex StaffAnalyzer.

Savings of Over $450 Per Sudent

A district of 1600 students discovered over $450 in savings PER student in staffing inefficiencies using Cardonex.

Significant Time Savings

With Cardonex, a 6A high school administrator reduced the time she took to build a master schedule from over 6 weeks to about 7 working days.

“Campuses here are very happy with the Cardonex process!”

Julie J. T.
San Benito ISD, San Benito TX

“I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for sharing… Read more “Rachel B.”

Rachel B.
Ector County ISD, Odessa TX

“StaffAnalyzer has significantly reduced the time and headaches of staffing.… Read more “Raul M.”

Raul M.
Ector Central Office

“By using StaffAnalyzer, we have been able to put the… Read more “HT S.”

Ector Central Office

Compare | DistrictDashboard


Gauge how your district’s staffing, salaries and student ratios compare to any other district in the state.

  • Customize districts to include in a comparison group
  • Search for similar districts by property value, size, demographics or region
  • Review salary structures for basically every employee position in a district
  • Compare student ratios for teachers, counselors and administrators

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